Daniel's Husband played its final performance at the
Westside Theatre on Sunday, December 30, 2018.

Daniel and Mitchell are the perfect couple. Perfect house, perfect friends – even a mother who wants them married. They’d have the perfect wedding, too, except that Mitchell doesn’t believe in gay marriage. A turn of events puts their perfect life in jeopardy, and Mitchell is thrust into a future where even his love may not prove to be enough. Daniel’s Husband is a bold reflection of love, commitment, and family in our perilous new world.

  • “From breezy to devastating, McKeever performs an impressive tightwire act, and his cast is deft with every turn.”

    – Michael Musto

  • “Such a thoughtful, intelligent play, filled with sensitivity and insight.”

    – Rex Reed

  • “A tear-jerker and a heart-yanker.”

    – The New York Times

  • “An excellent ensemble. You feel deeply for these characters!”

    – Time Out New York

  • “A gripping, searing drama for our times.”

    – Andy Humm, Gay USA

  • “A profound look at love and commitment.”

    – The Daily Beast

  • “Insightful and heart-rending.”

    – Gay City News

  • Photo Coverage: Inside the Opening Night Celebration for DANIEL'S HUSBAND

    – Broadway World

  • Matthew Montelongo
  • Ryan Spahn
  • Anna Holbrook
  • Leland Wheeler
  • Connor Delves
  • Lou Liberatore
  • Peggy J. Scott


  • Jamison Stern


  • by

    Michael McKeever
  • Scenic Design

    Brian Prather
  • Costume Design

    Gregory Gale
  • Lighting Design

    Jeff Croiter
  • Original Music and Sound Design

    William Neal
  • Casting

    Stephanie Klapper, CSA
  • Production Stage Manager

    Michael Palmer
  • Technical Supervisor

    Mary Duffe
  • Advertising & Marketing

    The Pekoe Group
  • General Press Representative

    Sam Rudy Media Relations
  • General Management

    Roy Gabay for
    Jumpstart Entertainment
  • Produced by

    Ted Snowdon
  • Directed by

    Joe Brancato


  • Matthew Montelongo and Ryan Spahn.

    Photo: Carol Rosegg.

  • Lou Liberatore, Matthew Montelongo, Ryan Spahn, and Leland Wheeler.

    Photo: Carol Rosegg.

  • Matthew Montelongo, Anna Holbrook, and Ryan Spahn.

    Photo: Carol Rosegg.

  • Anna Holbrook, Matthew Montelongo, and Ryan Spahn.

    Photo: Carol Rosegg.